təms jɛajɛ (our team)

Meet members of our Team

Koosen Devin Pielle

Koosen Pielle

Koosen is a member of the Tla’Amin Nation. She has traveled extensively in Canada and BC as a Youth Leader and with the First Nations Health Authority. Koosen has been part of the language team in Tla’amin for 9 years, and has described being part of the language team as “picking up where her grandmother left off”. Koosen utilizes radio, film, print, and social media to share the language with her people. 

Jacqueline Mathieu

Jacqueline from the Klahoose Nation

Jacqueline, a member of the Klahoose First Nation, has worked in her community’s language team for the last eight years. Language documentation, preservation & revitalization keeps her grounded in who she is as an Indigenous French-Canadian woman. Coproducing indigenous media content as well as navigating communications between settler establishments and her community keep her very busy. Jacqueline’s strengths include clear thought-out communication and she believes the way forward is by lifting people up, building capacity and investing in our people. 

Dorothy Andrew


Dorothy Andrew from the Homalco Nation has taught language and culture in her surrounding communities for many years. She is enjoying Voice Over work with jehjeh Media, and is thrilled to share the language in meaningful and modern ways. As a mother of four, she is committed to making the world safer for Indigenous People so her children will not face the same challenges she has.

Eileen Francis

tagum, Eileen Francis
tagum, Eileen Francis, Tla’amin Nation

Tagum, otherwise known as Eileen Francis, is from Tla’amin Nation. She is a media producer who started her life long passion for film when she attended the Powell River Digital Film School. Her drama class, lessons included Film & Television which allowed her to shoot and act in her own work, and gave her her first taste of filmmaking. This film program gave her the education that steered her to Capilano University (Cap U), where she studied Indigenous Independent Digital Filmmaking Diploma (I.I.D.F.) with Doreen Manuel.
I.I.D.F. gave Eileen immense amounts of knowledge on how to Produce, Direct, Edit, and Distribute. Eileen has worked on more than a couple dozen short films
during her time at Cap U, and helped on an APTN TV Show. Since graduating from Cap U, Eileen has facilitated stop motion animation workshops, and been on several film sets,
including a music video for Snotty Nose Rez Kids. She officially joined jehjehmedia in 2020, to help develop their film department. Eileen is now confident in creating her
own work, supporting youth, screenwriting, and she is still working on a couple of her own projects! She continues to learn and improve her skills anyway she can.

Rae Dene
Rae Dene

Rae Dene Noble

Rae Dene Noble is a mixed race Indigenous woman from Tla’amin and Homalco First nations, located on the Sunshine Coast of BC. She specializes in health and wellness practices. Rae Dene was also a co- facilitator of the Blanket Exercise, working with Taxumajehjeh. 

Rae Dene’s goals are to incorporate her culture into her client care. She is passionately learning about her traditional medicines and remedies to use in spa treatments. Rae Dene wants to share  her interest of health, wellness, and beauty using her own language.

Shelby George

Shelby George

Shelby George is from the Tla’amin first nation and intergenerational residential school survivor. She is proud of where she comes from.

Shelby’s passion for media and storytelling came from working on a radio documentary that highlighted the impacts of residential school, and specifically how it impacted language in her community. It is called “We are still here”.

She loves learning and practicing her culture, and has participated in two big canoe journeys so far. Her goals are to become fluent in the language, and to share what she has learned. Currently, Shelby is doing makeup live streams for the community. In the near future, she will implement language into her live streams. Shelby is looking forward to expanding her media skills, and applying it to language revitalization for her and her community.

Malachi Joseph
Malachi from the Homalco Nation

Malachi Joseph

Host of The Poho Conspiracy on 107.1FM The Raven, Malachi began his learning to speak some words in ayejuthum from his grandparents and mother.

He began looking into the culture as part of his emotional and mental healing in finding an identity. After being hired for First Voices in 2018 he realized the importance of revitalizing a dying language.

“I felt It was an honour and fun interviewing an ayejuthum speaker as they began remembering more and more of their past before English .”

He is happy to join jehjeh Media since he has an interest for cultures of all kinds. He  is still eagerly learning as much as he can about languages and the cultures that belong to them.

Lisa Wilson

Lisa Wilson

Lisa has a diploma in Hospitality Management, and more recently, a certificate in Foundations in Technology. She shares a passion for helping Indigenous people create space in the digital realm by helping tell their stories through digital media. She works in her community as a facilitator and a community research assistant and is studying Web Development and Coding.

Emily White

Emily White

Emily is from Klahoose and Tla’amin Nations and just graduated from UVic with a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Indigenous Studies and a Minor in Applied Ethics. She is the designer behind Emily’s Beading and recently was elected to the Klahoose Nations Chief and Council.

Zoë Ludski


Zoë is a settler in Tlaamin Territory dedicated to serving the land and language of her adopted home. Her parents are South Africans who fled apartheid to continue their ‘mixed-race’ relationship. Zoë identifies as a Person of Colour and is still researching who her ‘people’ are.

She works in multi-media storytelling and is passionate about pedagogy especially as it relates to using the arts in social justice education. Her role in jehjeh Media is to support the work of local language warriors as an ally, technology resource, and mentor. She hopes to role model to other settlers healthy cross cultural relationships.