Welcome to čik saplɛn radio

We understand that the Language comes from the Land and so do our sounds and stories.

We create and produce media that prioritizes a relationship to the land and language of First Peoples.

ʔukʷštəm yɛχət kʷ tuwas – Listen Live in tišosəm on 107.7 FM

We will remember where we come from

jehjeh Media is creating a virtual village, where ʔayʔajuθəm language and culture are living, present, and breathing. On September 30th, join us on č̓ik̓ saplɛn radio, on 107.7. For 24 hours, (6AM-6AM) we will reclaim the airwaves in t̓ɩšosəm, and re-share the sounds of our land and language. 

č̓ik̓ saplɛn radio will free our ancestors’ voices from the archives and amplify the sounds of our people, projecting their voices for comfort and grounding during so-called “Canada’s” Day of Truth and Reconciliation.

Our voices will be brought back into our community to honour our ancestors, inspiring our ears with the unique sounds of ʔayʔajuθəm speaking people, that come from this land. č̓ik̓ saplɛn radio will also be broadcasted online for our ǰɛʔaǰɛ who have relocated out of our villages, connecting all of us on this day.

The jehjeh media moon face sits inside a microphone which is inside a ripple.

Listen to our virtual village.

Interact with us on social media @jehjehmedia! Tune in to learn how to win prizes!