Community Agreements 

  1. We’d like for each of the participants in the group to come prepared to be in a respectful relationship with each other and with our team, and be ready with an open mind to grow together.
  1. We’d like each person to reflect on how your identity and positionality may affect what kind of power you hold in relation to the other people who will be with you in the workshop space. We will do what we can to equalize disproportionate power-over dynamics while we are together, so if you have any ideas or needs around this, please come prepared to share them with the group.
  2. At the close of these workshops you will be asked to form an intention, goal, or action that you will take, based on your work.
  3. We ask you to consider moving forward with the group after the workshops to create shared long term visions and goals within your work space.

Regardless of if we see you at the workshop, we are grateful for your engagement to this point. We believe these resources will be useful to you and we encourage you to speak with a friend about what you have experienced so far.

Thank you for exploring these resources, if you feel like you would like to continue the journey with us, send an email to and we’ll let you know the dates and location of our two day session.