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We are a locally owned company creating and producing media to reawaken our language. Please learn more about our Mission, Vision and Values as well as about our Sister company Taxumajehjeh here.

Your purchase directly supports training opportunities for Indigenous Women in Business, and supports our work of integrating ʔayʔajuθəm back into our community. Show your support by wearing our logo and learning our language.

Language Resources: 

ʔayʔaǰuθəm is the local language. It uses the International Phonetic Alphabet for writing.

First Voices an online bilingual dictionary and phrase collection comprised of words and phrases in ʔayʔaǰuθəm. 

Dictionary Ap for your phone from itunes

Download the International Phonetic Alphabet for your computer

Recorded Language Lessons with the community by jehjeh Media

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gɛt kʷaθ    jɛʔajɛ?
(Who are your relatives?)

Limited Edition Collection of t-shirts with family words

Learn the words for your relatives when you purchase this limited edition shirt! Listen to our team pronounce and translate the words so you can practice with your jehjeh!

ʔuk̓ʷšt jɛjɛʔənxʷegəs (we are all related): Listen to our team pronounce and translate the words

a track suit with logo and the word lounging
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