təms p̓ap̓ɛm [Our Work]

The qʷaytən, or language of Indigenous people, comes from the land. jehjeh Media has witnessed the power of story telling; to heal and connect community. We choose to share the stories of under represented people. Our work is led, and made by people from the BIPOCD(disabilities) communities. We are (re)centering the language and stories of these people for a broader audience to play our part in decolonization of media.

təms p̓ap̓ɛmoɬ [Our Completed Work]

Our latest project was sound design for River Voices Production
We were proud to use a local band whose song was in their language.

Congratulations Arqvilliit on the creation of a new Indigenous Protected and Conserved Area in northeastern Hudson Bay that will protect crucial habitat for polar bears, nesting eider ducks and other wildlife.

Radio Documentaries

Deep Roots Initiative – You tell a Story!
This documentary tells of a Youth Media Camp held in the territory of the Klahoose Nation. The camp focused on land, language and media for youth from four sister nations; Klahoose, Homalco, TlaAmin, and Comox.

We Are Still Here
This documentary reflects the stories of six TlaAmin survivors and two community members among many, fighting for language revitalization.
These stories may trigger intense emotions for some audience members. If you are in crisis, and need emotional support, please call the 24-Hour National Crisis Line: 1-866-925-4419


Learn to Speak Ayajuthem: Paddle, Canoe

DIY Hydrophones